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Mission Statement

​The mission and philosophy of Rock Guitar Mastery is to help ​students reach their full musical potential in the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way ever developed.

Using a number of revolutionary and unique training methods, we have been able to remove as much of the learning curve as possible. ​This means far less frustration, and much more enjoyment and real rock music in the world.

Meet ​The Leadership Team

    Josh R, CEO

Josh Rosenberg is the co-founder and CEO of ​Rock Guitar Mastery. Since 2008, his skills as a copy writer and digital marketer ​have allowed him to build ​a number of the highest converting offers in multiple ​industries all from the ground up. ​Josh has been responsible for over $22 million dollars in sales, more than 750 million unique page views, and ​over a BILLION emails sent.

Josh is regarded as one of the most "ahead of the curve" marketers around, and has consulted for countless companies all over the world, in addition to being the author of one of the top book in the subject of Gamification, as well as a featured speaker at numerous online marketing conferences.

    Paulie Z, Lead Instructor

As a guitarist and singer Paulie Z has gotten to travel all over the world performing onstage alongside incredible artists such as Sweet, KISS, Twisted Sister, Poison, Alice Cooper, Dave Navarro, and ​many more.

Paulie has released numerous albums both as a solo performer and with his former band Z02, starred in a TV show based on his life​, hosted a wildly popular Podcast, has had multiple songs in Hollywood movies, won numerous music awards, and ​sung the national anthem before some of the largest sporting events in the country. In addition, ​Paulie has been a guitar teacher for nearly 20 years. In that time He's taught thousands of students of all ages, ranging from 5 to 75 years old.

What Separates Rock Guitar Mastery From The Competition?

​Complete A-Z ​Curriculum

​Most guitar courses offer a series of random and disconnected videos with no real order. 

However, we begin with the absolute basics where each video builds on the previous one, and conclude with the student becoming a ​real guitarist.

​TONS of Awesome Content

​Inside the members area there are over 130 HD videos. That's close to 35 hours of incredible training.

​Derived From The Suzuki Method

​The Suzuki Method is a system for learning the violin where the student learns a single technique and then immediately applies it to their playing before moving on to another technique. Our system is based on the ​same principals and takes them to a whole new level.

​"In The Style of" Songs

​15 original rock songs in the styles of artists such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin,and even Jimi Hendrix. These songs slowly progress in difficulty and complexity to make sure ​the student constantly challeng​ed to get better.

Since these are all original songs, we immediately avoid the problems students have when they attempt to learn a song that they incorrectly believe they know the rhythm of​.

​3 Level Learning System

​Each of our original songs is taught in three difficulty levels. Level 1 uses very basic chords and rhythm patterns. Level two is a bit trickier. And level 3 is how the song was always meant to be played. It has much more interesting chords and rhythm patterns. This allows the student to gradually challenge themself without ever feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

​Live Band Rehearsal Videos

​We've taken all the fun of jamming with friends and packed it seamlessly into our course.

After a student learns a new song or reaches a new difficulty level, they are invited into a virtual rehearsal to practice with a live band to practice their song as if they were getting ready to perform on stage.


Customer Demographic By Age

​Men Aged 65+ 16%
​Men Aged ​55-64   54%
​Men Aged ​45-54   26%
​Men Aged ​18-34    4%

​Rock Guitar Mastery By The Numbers

  • ​Cold Lead Customer Acquisition Cost: - $9.60 *This is paid FaceBook traffic only. Email​​/other varies.
  • ​Average Customer Value: - $76.95 - $9.60 acquisition cost = $67.35 per customer.
  • ​Refund Rate: - <2%
  • hand-peace-o
    Cost Per Unit Sold: - $0 Everything is 100% digital, so there are no hard costs.

How You Can Make Money With Rock Guitar Mastery

​Rock Guitar Mastery was designed from the ground up with affiliates and joint venture partners in mind. Using the independent 3rd party platform ClickBank to process all of our transactions, and commission payments. Their board ​chairs include members of the FTC and FCC. They have never missed a single payment in 18 years, for their more than 400,000 active vendors. This means, you are guaranteed to receive your full payment each and every Wednesday.

We offer a generous 50% commission on every sale, and track visitor cookies for 45 days from their first click. And we are able to make special exceptions for certain strategic partners.

​Have Any Questions Or ​Interested In Working Together?

​If you have any further questions or want to discuss how we can work together, please feel free to get in touch with our CEO Josh Rosenberg.

Email - [email protected]

Skype - upyourattraction